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    Hammered copper has its origins in pre-Columbian Mexico, but for many centuries, we Chinese also have been toiled and moiled to search ways to make beautiful and practical copper products. We are glad to share all the customers with our manufacturing procedure for the purpose of making you better understand us. Compared to those small family-owned central Mexican and Indian workshop, we are a large-scale, well-organized, experienced traditional Chinese copper manufacturer, our versatile coppersmiths have consummate crafts which were handed down from generation to generation by their ancestors who made copper products for royalty during all their life time, they can satiate different customers’ demands by their workmanship. Not only we can make copper sinks but also copper tubs, copper countertops and splashes, copper range hoods, copper rain awnings, copper switchplates, wall plates, etc. The following pictures are about how we make copper products.
How we make casting bronze sinks?
how to make casting bronze sinks
CASTING BRONZE SINKS: Xiamen Granite's unique bronze sinks are formed by using Precision Casting methods. Each bronze sink is then finished, patinated(High-temperature make the patina) and waxed by hand. Our bronze sinks have a living finish that evolves over time. All Xiamen Granite's cast bronze sinks are made from tin bronze alloys (88%copper, 8% tin and 4% zinc, lead free), that is ZCuSn8Zn4, which is equal to ASTM C90300 in USA. They are available in different patinas and shapes, and can be installed as drop-in and above counter sinks(vessel mounting)..
How we make copper range hoods?

We specialize in high quality, custom designed hoods but also offers a variety of classical designs for you to choose from. All models are available in wall-mounted island or ceiling-mounted versions..
How we make copper kitchen sinks?

Our copper farmhouse sinks do just that. By combining expert craftsmanship, foremost, with an incredible selection of designs, our sinks add a touch of class, a touch of intrigue and a bit of Old World elegance to any style or motif.
How we make copper bathTubs?

We are a stone-based company specializing in pre-fabricated slabs, vanity tops, and granite sinks for the American market. With several years history consolidate different but related material like stainless steel sinks, ceramic sinks, We have full experience in sinks products and find a good market in USA market, .
How we make copper tiles?

We understand the importance of adding practicality to beauty. That's why we've designed a line of square and rectangular bar sinks, Choose from standard 2” bar sink drains, or 3.5” standard drain holes for use with garbage disposals.
How we make Copper SwitchPlates?

All of our copper sinks are protected with a clear lacquer coat which we apply to protect the finish of the sink. All you need to do is clean your copper sink with soap and water. You should avoid using any abrasive materials or harsh chemicals.

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