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Handmade Copper Tiles

Handmade Copper Tiles

If you are looking for backsplash kitchen copper tiles, countertops copper tiles,vanity backsplash copper tiles, wall copper tiles, ceiling copper tiles, or hammered copper tiles for your bar fronts or fireplace mantels, our various hand embossed patina finish copper tiles will make you satisfied. Besides those copper tiles we also have beautifully hand hammered and hand crafted copper murals and copper cabinet panels. These copper tiles are hand hammered and hand crafted from 16 gauge pure copper with refractory slab which enables easier installation. The copper murals and copper cabinet panels are usually used in hotels, resturants and also homes to enhance beauty and elegance. Different sizes and patinas are available, and if you have any bright ideas please feel free to contact us, it is no problem for us to design your kind of copper tiles.
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The benefits of tiling
Tiles are the perfect choice for any home,office or work place. Because they are:
Easy to clean
Aesthetically pleasing
Last a lifetime
Meet health regulations for commercial applications
Nom porous-impercious to everything
Many different finishes to suit all tastes&styles

Choose from a wide selection of patterns and designs made from real copper easy to install. These tiles can make a statement to your kitchen decor.

copper tiles

Copper Murals&Cabinet Panels

Talented Artists adopting traditional craft, bring your home the timeless beauty of hand hammered copper murals&cabinet panels. Large murals and cabinet panels for the kitchen ,bathroom and bar.
murals & cabinet panels are offered in several patina finish

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Precision built Real Metal Tiles that will create a modern to a traditional look on any wall surface available in copper in a wide variety of patterns. And... as floor tiles, accent any flooring, surface with these the brilliance that only metals create, floor tiles are avilable in durable copper patterns only.

Copper Border Tiles

copper border tile

The 2"x12" square Copper Border Tiles, is a popular tile which can be used for alomst any application, in kitchens, resturants, anyhwhere in a home or business, to brighten up the area.

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If you are planning a special spot in your wall decoration, probably our stunning tile is going to be an excellent match. Bathroom decor, kitchen decor and any outdoor spot might be enhanced with a set of these tiles. They range from line oriented ones (edges) or for squared patterns.

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