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Copper bathroom sinks

Our coppersmiths hand-hammer and hand-emboss pure 16 gauge(1.5mm) copper sheet to make these functional and durable oval and round copper bathroom sinks/basins, each piece is ultrasonically cleaned and tested leak, then sprayed with varnish. The varnish is then heat-bonded at extremely high temperatures, which enables it to last. Each copper bathroom sink has a standard 1.5" diameter drainage hole, they can be used with an overflow drain or non-overflow drain according to the sink you choose whether it has an overflow system or not. There are drop-in copper sinks(counter top copper sinks or top mount copper sinks), they have a finished edge or raised rim around the outside, which are the simplest sinks to install; undermount copper sinks(undercounter copper sinks or recessed copper sinks), they can be fixed by our sink accessories-clips; copper vessel sinks(above counter copper sinks, over counter copper sinks, top counter copper sinks), they can be installed above the counter top, console, cabinet or furniture top, they can work well with wall-mounted or tall countertop-mounted faucets. All of our copper products will be packed in the wood crates and padded with foamed platic to ensure no breakage during delivery. Mini orders can be shipped via DHL or UPS express, and large orders can be shipped by sea. By the way, custom designed copper sinks are aslo available including Live Flame, Wax Live and Weathered finish.

Round copper bathroom sinks
Round copper bath sinks
All Round copper bathroom sinks are now made in our Xiamen workshop. We hand-hammer and hand-emboss pure 16 gauge copper (1.5mm) to make these artful sinks. To make the finish functional and durable, each piece is ultrasonically cleaned, then sprayed with a clear lacquer. The lacquer is then heat-bonded at extremely high temperatures, which enables it to last and last. The result is a hard, enduring barrier against acids, oxidation and other unsightly effects that would otherwise shorten the life and affect the beauty of the sink. Visit our workshop to see this process.
Oval copper bathroom sinks
Oval copper bathroom sinks
We are currently developing our selection of Oval copper bathroom sinks for the American market. We would be happy to take suggestions to help us provide the best product selection for our customers.
Custom desided bath sinks
Custom copper bathroom sinks

Custom-designed copper sinks are now available. Submit a photograph, internet link, or email us with your idea. Our kesigner will work with you to create one-of-a-kind sinks, which will surely be a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.

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