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Handcraft Copper Sinks
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Accents for your kitchen and bathroom order with us!
Handmade copper tiles
Mexican hand hammered copper sinks:copper farmhouse sinks,copper kitchen sinks,copper bathroom sinks,copper bar sinks supplier. If you are planning a special spot in your wall decoration, probably our stunning tile is going to be an excellent match. Bathroom decor, kitchen decor and any outdoor spot might be enhanced with a set of these tiles. They range from line oriented ones (edges) or for squared patterns.
Handmade Copper switchplates
Mexican hand hammered copper sinks:copper farmhouse sinks,copper kitchen sinks,copper bathroom sinks,copper bar sinks supplier. Our solid copper switch plates have a baked on finsh that outlasts normal lacquer finishes. Every plate is protected with a well packing for protection in shipping.
Each switch plate is made by hand, so yours are likely to have different patterns than those shown here. The copper color has a slight metallic sheen that is more evident in person than on the screen.
Copper Rain Chains
Copper rain chains Copper rain chains are the most popular and most durable chains available. Depending on your climate, copper rain chains will also age to a beautiful verdigris patina over time.
They are a unique addition to any home or garden.  Each of our rain chains are made of 100% pure copper and are made with uncompromising quality. Please browse our products and you can find out the beautiful Copper Rain Chains.
Handcraft Copper Corbels
Handcraft Copper Corbels
Handcraft Copper Corbels This corbels are perfect for wall applications, finishing touches on the custom cabinets or creating a dramatic focal point on the fireplace mantel mantel.
Copper Pedestal Sinks
Mexican hand hammered copper sinks:copper farmhouse sinks,copper kitchen sinks,copper bathroom sinks,copper bar sinks supplier. Custom-designed copper sinks are now available. Submit a photograph, internet link, or email us with your idea. Our designer will work with you to create one-of-a-kind sinks, which will surely be a focal point in your kitchen or bathroom.
Copper Conductor Heads
Copper Conductor Heads Conductor heads, also known as Leader Heads, Leader Boxes, Collectors, Collector Heads, Conductor Boxes, Catch Basins, Bells, Scupper Heads, and Scupper Boxes. Conductor heads enhance the beauty and architectural style on a building. They are traditionally installed under the soffit. Besides being ornamental, conductor heads also perform a number of functions. By letting air into the line it helps water drain faster and with less noise; allows the combination of several downspouts into one larger one; acts as a clean out point for debris and also acts as an overflow point for water.Custom designs are also welcome.
Round Steel stands
Round Steel stands
The American market is one that celebrates individuality. That's why we've created a lineof designer cast iron bases for our beautiful vessel sinks. Let your unique personality showin every element of your design!
Handcraft Copper Lantern
Mexican hand hammered copper sinks:copper farmhouse sinks,copper kitchen sinks,copper bathroom sinks,copper bar sinks supplier.We use only the finest materials and methods to make an enduring lantern,every piece is entirely hand-made in our factory to create an unique lantern.All of our lanterns are built to the highest quality standards and are reproductions of time proven,Centuries old designs.
Sink accessories-Clips
Rectangle copper bar sinks Fixing Clips Are Provided, Sink accessory - clips for undercounter installatin sinks( bathroom sink, kitchen sink, bar sink)
Sink Drains For Copper Sink
Sink Drains For Copper Sink
Our kitchen sinks are fabricated with drain holes placed slightly to the rear of center to assist in proper drainage and allow for unobstructed work space. For more information, see our drains.
Antique Faucets For Copper Sinks
Antique Faucets For Copper Sinks At XM Granite Tiles, we understand that accessories can be just as important to a homeowner as the primary pieces they choose in their kitchen or bathroom. That's why we've developed a line of gorgeous faucets to accent our copper sinks. Compare the quality of these faucets to other popular brands, such as Moen, Delta, Kingston , Kohler and others, and the only thing you'll find different is the price.
Sink Cabinets, Vanity Cabinets
Sink Cabinets, Vanity Cabinets Inspire oohs and aahs with our beautiful vanities! These finely crafted cabinets are complete with beautiful marble tops and matching sinks. Nowhere else can you find such a diverse vanity selection at phenomenal prices.

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